Kosten von Autoverkehr in der EU

The Social Cost of Automobility, Cycling and Walking in the European Union

Neue Studie zeigt: Autoverkehr verursacht in der EU jährliche Kosten von 500 Milliarden (!) Euro. Hingegen schaffen Radverkehr und zu Fuß gehen im Alltag durch die positiven Gesundheitseffekte einen Nutzen von 24 bzw. 66 Milliarden Euro pro Jahr!


  • Shows that transport CBA frameworks in the EU are not comprehensive
  • Provides an overview of relevant parameters and cost of items
  • Calculates the per kilometer cost of driving, cycling and walking in the EU
  • Concludes that the cost of automobility is systematically underestimated
  • Argues that policy decisions should rely on comparative CBA where feasible


Cost-benefit-analyses (CBA) are widely used to assess transport projects. Comparing various CBA frameworks, this paper concludes that the range of parameters considered in EU transport CBA is limited. A comprehensive list of criteria is presented, and unit costs identified. These are used to calculate the external and private cost of automobility, cycling and walking in the European Union. Results suggest that each kilometer driven by car incurs an external cost of €0.11, while cycling and walking represent benefits of €0.18 and €0.37 per kilometer. Extrapolated to the total number of passenger kilometers driven, cycled or walked in the European Union, the cost of automobility is about €500 billion per year. Due to positive health effects, cycling is an external benefit worth €24 billion per year and walking €66 billion per year. CBA frameworks in the EU should be widened to better include the full range of externalities, and, where feasible, be used comparatively to better understand the consequences of different transport investment decisions.


The Social Cost of Automobility, Cycling and Walking in the European Union
Ecological Economics –Volume 158, April 2019, Pages 65-74
(Received 1 June 2018, Revised 14 December 2018, Accepted 15 December 2018, Available online 6 January 2019. )


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